For nearly 50 years, Jean-Claude Novaro has perfected the art of creating glass sculpture with a singularity of purpose that borders on obsession. Novaro has said that his relationship with glass was “love at first sight. I’ve never even thought of doing anything else.”

Novaro has become world-renown not only for technical mastery and innovation, but also for his solitary technique, a rarity even among the most accomplished glass maestros. Each creation is pre-planned and intentional, designed to achieve a specific result. Claude Monet once said: “No one is an artist unless he carries his picture in his head before painting it, and sure of his method and composition.” Given this definition, Jean-Claude Novaro is a fine artist of the highest order. 

Born in 1943 in Antibes, France, Novaro apprenticed at the age of 14 under Eloi Monod in Biot. He became a Master of Glass at 20, and opened his own glass factory just 10 years later. 


Since that time, Novaro has developed a style known not for its delicacy, but for its weight, depth and complex layering of color with clear glass, a particularly difficult effect to achieve. Novaro has not only mastered the incorporation of gold leaf into his glass, he is the first in 3,500 years of glass-making history to add luminescent elements, a spectacular invention which he has patented. 

Novaro has been awarded the Chevalier des Arts et des Lettres (Knight of Arts and Humanities) by the French government. His work appears in glass museums around the world, in France, the United States, Germany, Denmark, Belgium, Australia and Japan. At a recent NATO event, Novaro’s glass was given as a gift to representatives of all attending NATO countries. His work has been collected by thousands worldwide, including Bill Cosby, Frank Sinatra, and New England Patriots owners Robert and Myra Kraft. - Torrance, CA 90505 - (800) 431-9433 - Videos, Photos, and Text are copyright of Art and Coin TV, LLC. All rights reserved.